About us

ELUPAS is a young, vibrant company specialising in marine and automotive sales.

The company name ELUPAS is a contraction of three words that represent the values we bring to our customers: Exclusive, LUxury and PASsion. Our products are carefully selected with the passion and lifestyle of our customers in mind. We place great emphasis on the high quality of all our products. In addition to our regular product range, we cater to specific needs and will source your dream car or boat for you!


As an independent car dealership, we offer most car brands at great terms with a fast delivery time and an excellent service. Our core business lies in the supply of recent pre-owned vehicles from premium brands with a superior quality finish. We also source new or budget-friendly vehicles, accessories such as rims and tyres, car detailing services, and more.


ELUPAS is an official dealer for a number of renowned boat brands. We offer a broad selection of new boats from top manufacturers. As an independent boat dealership, we supply customers with a wide range of brands, models and finishes, as well as accessories such as boat trailers, docking and anchoring equipment, servicing and refits.


At ELUPAS, we also provide our customers with professional advice and mediation services. Through our network of reliable partner businesses, we are able to assist you with registering, insuring and financing your car or boat, as well as servicing and resale needs. Depending on the product of your choice, we will determine the warranties and any additional assistance required to ensure a worry-free ownership experience.

Interested? Contact us now! Joannes Verhoest +32 (0)56 89 76 04 info@elupas.com

Joannes Verhoest
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