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Experience luxury redefined with Archipelago 32, an evolved masterpiece born from the beloved Escape 30. This weekend-away master reinvents leisure, offering a luxurious escape with unparalleled versatility-a confident ride that can take you anywhere, anytime.With cleverly designed indoor and outdoor spaces, including a cabin, sofa lounge, longer swim platform, fully equipped kitchen, enhanced sun protection, convertible pilot house, and off-grid capabilities via solar panels, Archipelago 32 ensures year-round comfort.Elevate getaways with a boat seamlessly blending sporty agility and the amenities of much larger vessels. Here's your ticket to unforgettable moments with friends and family; a true escape from everyday life.


Flexibel Design
Despite its compact size, Archipelago 32 cleverly maximizes its space. It offers a walk-around cockpit and a trailerable design, granting effortless access and adaptability to a variety of activities on the water. Its flexibility makes it equally suitable for an eventful day of water sports or a peaceful cruise, guaranteeing a memorable experience for all on board.

Fits 12 People
With its capacity to accommodate up to 12 passengers, Archipelago 32 is the perfect vessel for enjoying time with your loved ones. Its seating arrangements in the bow, aft, and cockpit area and spacious layout create a welcoming environment for social interactions and shared experiences on the water.

Hard-Top Protected Living Space
Featuring an aluminium ultralight structure T-top equipped with a built-in windscreen, Archipelago 32 prioritizes passenger safety and comfort. This innovative feature offers great protection against all weather conditions, ensuring that your plans remain unaffected by unexpected changes in the elements. Furthermore, the ability to fully enclose the seating and helm area adds an extra layer of versatility, allowing you to continue famiyour journey in less-than-ideal weather.

Kitchen and Dining Spaces
Archipelago 32 is designed with a hard-top-protected and fully equipped kitchen and dining area, providing an inviting space for culinary experiences. Whether you're preparing a meal or enjoying a delicious feast, these features add a touch of luxury and convenience to your journey, making mealtime a memorable part of your adventures.


Adventures For All Water Enthusiasts
Archipelago 32 is the ultimate vessel for those with an adventurous spirit and a taste for luxury. With a layout catering to various water activities, from high-speed thrills to leisurely family trips, the Archipelago 32 provides the freedom to make each trip an unforgettable adventure.

Spacious Luxury Cabin
The lower deck features a naturally illuminated cabin with panoramic windows and a comfortable sofa lounge. The table folds down into a spacious king-size bed for three persons. Additionally, the lower deck area offers a practical, full-standing height bathroom with a toilet and shower for your convenience. This private, cozy space provides a tranquil retreat where you can relax and rest during your journey, ensuring a comfortable experience.

Your Floating Oasis
The two meters wide bow sun lounge area transforms your Archipelago into a floating oasis, enhancing your on-water experience. The three-person sunbed and expansive swim platform at the aft also invite passengers to enjoy the unobstructed view of the horizon, making it the perfect spot for a refreshing dip in the ocean or a peaceful moment of relaxation.

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